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100% Fresh Ingredients

We missed comfort food and drinks and dessert in a cheerful diner setting right in the middle of our community. So we made it.


Our Fans' Favorite

TowerCakes and more house-made sweets!

From the extra-sweet side of Bread & Water Company comes these colossal Towercakes as well as regular-sized cakes and other custom desserts from scratch to entertain, impress and overwhelm with sheer deliciousness at any celebration or just to cap off lunch!

Bun Papa burgers, dogs and chicken sandwiches!

RAMMY Award (DC Restaurant Association) nominated in 2021 and 2022, our first two years! The burgers on our Bread & Water Co. brioche buns are how burgers are meant to taste!

bunpapa burger

Our Fans' Favorite

From-scratch ALX Pizza pies!

House-made pizza pies including vegan options right out of our multideck pizza oven and piping hot fresh to your table!

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